The best sushi in Breckenridge

Mountain Flying Fish, Breckenridge, Colorado

There are a few great sushi restaurants in Breck, and the top pick seems to vary depending on who you ask. In our view, the number one spot for overal value goes to Mountain Flying Fish. Their fish is fresh, their service is impeccable, their variety is fantastic, and you will definitely have a good time if you pick Mountain Flying Fish.

This is what one of their customers had to say:

"Always fresh and delicious. Hands down best sushi in Breckenridge!" ~ Jake Collins

One fun-fact you might find peculiar is that Mountain Flying fish sushi shef does not each fish. We learned this when we found him fishing and then releasing the fish. What are the chances?! Either way, he makes some great handrolls, sushi rolls, and other delightful dishes. As long as your food tastes great, the chef is free to make his own choices.

Flying Fish is conveniently located at the South end of town, right next to our other favorites: Piante vegan pizza and Peak of Asia, delicious Vietnamese noodles and sandwiches. There is a big parking lot behind the shopping mall, as well as plenty of street parking nearby. Whether you are strolling through town on foot, took an Uber, or drove your whole group here, the location is perfect.

A restaurant that is walkable to evewhere in town means you can sit down, eat, relax, and enjoy a drink without worrying about being stranded in the snow. Enjoy your time in Breckenridge and if you find another great please, do let us know!

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