Are you hungry for some vegan pizza?

Piante Vegan Pizzeria, Breckenridge, Colorado

Are you a gluten free eater that hasn’t tasted a pizza in years? Piantes is a pizza for you!

Their pizza tastes so good, you will actually feel like eating a real pizza, and not a typical gluten free cardboard knockoff that is sold in the frozen isles of grocery stores.

Everything in Piantes is vegan, meaning there are no meats and no cheeses, in a traditional sense. If you are used to eating substitute products, you will feel right at home. If you are however new to imitation meats, which are made out of tofu and mushrooms, or imitation cheese, you will actually be very pleasantly surprised by how close to “real” taste everything is.

Of course, if gluten free is not a concern for you, they also have normal crust, and delicious garlic knots, deserts, and drinks to choose from.

(Map) Piante Pizzeria