Breckworks Pricing

Exclusive Coworking in Breckenridge

Office Optionsper hourper dayper 1/2 dayper weekper month
Privacy meets productivity, a thoughtfully designed personal office that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. This is an Mountain Cabin Plus with more comforts. The Office is equipped with a sit-stand desk, an ergonomic chairs, and an external USB-C display with a web camera and a vanity light, to look your absolute best on those Zoom calls!

Private Office

Similar to Mountain Cabin but with 30% more room it really feels like your own office. You get an external display and a high resolution 4k camera with dual microphones, a vanity light to look great on Zoom, and plenty of extra space to stretch out, lean back, and maybe even put a small luggage.

Mountain Cabin Plus

Just the right size for a day's work. Close the door and zoom away, or just enjoy the quiet space for some focused work. Each cabin is equipped with an external display and a high resolution 4k camera with dual microphones for your convenience. Your work, your way.

Mountain Cabin

Got to take a phone call or an important work meeting, and don't need a ton of room? This premium quality phone booth might be just right for you. Zoom in and zoom out!

Private Pod

Grab a fully ergonomic workstation in our flex shared office and work in peace. A perfect setup if you need to focus, but don't need the added privacy of a Private Pod or a Cabin to make phone calls. Hot Desk is a quiet space by design.

Hot Desk

$15$50 $155$399
Lounge on the sofa, grab a cafe table, sit under the fruit tree, make yourself comfortable anywhere that's open in our facility. 24/7 access. Complimentary phone booth use.

General Access