What is the typical weather in Breckenridge, Colorado?

Early fall colors in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a high-altitude mountain town and the weather can change very quickly. You could be feeling hot in shorts and a t-shirt one minute, and need a winter jacket ten minutes later. This is why it is wise to check the weather forecast ahead of visiting, and to prepare accordingly.

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Summers in Breck are fantastic and although it may snow all the way into June, and start to snow again in September, warm and sunny weather usually persists from April through October. In town, at a lower altitude than the mountain top, most of the snow will melt away during those months, and typically, if the sun is out, days can get between warm and really hot. What is "hot" depends less on the weather, and more on what you consider hot; whether you grew up in Texas or in Alaska. However, being at 10,000 ft in altitude, the sun here feels a lot hotter than it does elsewhere, so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and to apply it liberally!

If you are visiting Breck in the winter months, you are looking at the ski season that starts in early November. That is also a great time to visit because although only a few slopes open up this early, there are also very few tourists. By coming before the busy season, you will find the town quieter, and more relaxing. It is quite enjoyable really! Not to mention that it will still be fairly warm in November.

December and January are perhaps the coldest months in Breckenridge, and also the busiest. Fresh powder and the holiday season also bring in millions of tourists. Huddling like penguins might keep everyone warmer for a little white, but still, the town gets pretty cold during those months. Bundle up, pack an extra layer, make sure you have a good warm lining in your gloves. It's not just the cold that will make you shiver, it is the piercing cold winds!

By February the weather gets better. It is still snowing, and still cold, but the weather feels a lot more manageable. In March Breck will get a few good snow storms, but once they subside, the hot sun makes it really cozy and comfortable during the day. And by April, it is basically summer again!

p.s. Then again, this year (2022) we got snow on May 31st. Don't forget to check the weather report before heading out to Breck.

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