14 Reasons not to drive a Tesla Model X in the mountains

Tesla, Model X, Breckenridge, Colorado

1. Rain. If you open both Falcon Doors in a heavy rain, the water from the roof will drain directly into the cabin, drenching your seats and your kids.

2. Snow and cold weather. On a real cold night, front doors will freeze and simply will not open until you unfreeze the car. The car is also really heavy, so without studded tires it tends to slip on steep icy hills. Lastly, energy usage goes through the roof in the subzero weather.

3. Middle schoolers. They like to gawk at the Falcon Doors, which is very annoying.

4. Tesla tax. Landlords, realtors, and sales people will increase their price just for you, upon seeing the car.

5. You like gas stations. Teslas mostly charge up at home and Supercharge on the road. You don't actually need gas stations.

6. Scratches and bumps. Fixing them will cost as much as another car. Don't ask how we know.

7. You value your time and enjoy traveling. Road trips take longer as supercharging takes a lot longer than fueling up. You are also tied to select routes that offer charging, and run a non-zero chance of getting stranded.

8. You prefer not buying an extended warranty. Fixes after warranty cost yet more cars.

9. Road noize. It is remarkably loud inside this car, for the $$$$ it costs.

10. Speakers for the back. They don't exist.

11. You need real 3rd row seats. They are more like mini seats, which work for your kids' friends, but do not offer any leg room for the adults.

12. You want a roof rack. Hahaha, you can't !

13. You must always have the latest iPhone. You will feel so outdated whenever a new and updated model of Tesla gets released.

14. Last, but not least. If you want to be able to drive other cars, you definitely should not get a Model X. Every gas car will feel like a poorly designed antique lawn mower.

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