Beating the Crowds: How to Enjoy Crepe a La Carte Without the Wait in Breckenridge

Long line at the Crepe a la Cart.

Crepe a la Carte has been a beloved tourist favorite in Breckenridge for many years. Famous for its scrumptious crepes made in a kitchen the size of a small pickup truck, this crepe stand has won the hearts of countless food lovers. However, with its delectable offerings comes a notorious downside: the long line. Many locals have yet to experience these crepes due to the seemingly never-ending queue. So, how can you savor these mouthwatering delights without the wait? The answer lies in their new location in downtown Silverthorne, inside the Blue Bird Market.

The new Crepe a la Carte location in Silverthorne boasts a spacious setting with several notable upgrades. The kitchen is significantly larger, enabling the staff to cook three or more crepes simultaneously. This translates to shorter waiting times and more satisfied customers. To enhance your experience, the Silverthorne location also features a comfortable sitting and waiting area, perfect for relaxing while your crepe is being prepared. And, as an added bonus, the Blue Bird Market comes with a parking garage, making it easy for you to park and explore the market while waiting for your crepe. You can get a coffee, a drink, or an ice cream while waiting for your delicious crepe to be ready. It's a pretty great perk!

While the drive from Breckenridge to Silverthorne takes approximately 30 minutes one way, it's a worthwhile investment for those looking to avoid the long lines on Main Street. The convenience of free parking and the promise of a quicker, more enjoyable crepe experience make the short trip down to Silverthorne a no-brainer. Besides, if you do it on your day off skiing or hiking, it is a perfect opportunity to discover new local businesses and enjoy a leisurely day out in Silverthorne. Get some food, and walk along the river. It's a trip!

(map) Crepe a La Carte in Silverthorne (photo) Kirill Zubovsky on Breck.Blog

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