The best breakfast tacos in Breckenridge

Cool River Coffee House, Breckenridge, Colorado

There are many places that make tacos in Breckenridge, but only Cool River Coffee House does them in a way that really hits the spot early in the morning. A long-time local's favorite, this coffee shop will delight your taste buds and fill up your belly.

Whether you are into spicy or mild, corn or flour, beef or chicken, these tacos are legitimately great! Of course, if tacos is not your go-to food, they also have a variety of other foods: sandwiches, pastries, breakfast burritos, bagels, smoothies, soups and of course tea and coffee.

Our favorites are: Sweet Bacon and Steak Tacos, Green Dream Smoothie, and vegan donuts!

p.s. Some people have pointed out that above photo is a stock image, and not the photos of Tacos at Cool River. That is very true! Every since time we went to take an actual photo of the tacos, we ate them faster than we could remember about the photos. Oops!

(Map) Cool River Coffee House