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Breckworks Game Room in Breckenridge
First Availability: November 21, 2023
  • High-Speed Internet: We ensure stable, high-speed broadband connectivity with low latency. A wired connection directly to the room.
  • High-Quality Consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, on sight. Just plug in, log in, and get in the zone.
  • 55" OLED TV: Top of the line LG self-lit tv provides great contrast. Powered by a7 AI processor, you get a clear captivating picture, with great response time and powerful sound.
  • A Couch For Two: Comfort is key when playing for prolonged periods of time. Sit back, relax, and let your thumbs do the heavy lifting.
  • Gaming Peripherals: You would probably prefer to use your own, but if you need to, we offer high-quality headsets with clear microphones for in-game comms, and controllers.
  • Streaming Ready: 4K Webcams, Dual Microphones, Green Screen, and Vanity Lights. The room is ready for the most talented players to show their skills.

  • Annual Members 👉 get priority booking.